Action tags in jsp

Action tags :

In JSP action tags include in jsp 1.1 version and some more tags added in jsp1.2 and 2.0 version.

Action tags allow us to include some basic actions like inserting some other page resources, forwarding request to another pages, creating and locating javabean instances, setting and getting bean properties, in jsp page. When jsp container encounters an action tag during converting a jsp to servlet, it generates corresponds java code to the required predefined task.

Example :

<jsp:include page=”myjsp.jsp” flush=”true” />

There are some useful action tags as below mentions :

  • <jsp:include>
  • <jsp:forward>
  • <jsp:param>
  • <jsp:useBean>
  • <jsp:setProperty>
  • <jsp:getProperty>
  • <jsp:plugin>
  • <jsp:fallback>
  • <jsp:element>
  • <jsp:text>
  • <jsp:params>
  • <jsp:attribute>
  • <jsp:body>